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Members of the
Paco-Vicuña Association
invite you to explore the world of the


Paco-vicuñas were introduced to the
United States in 2002. 

These beautiful animals have a gentle disposition and are a joy to be around.


There are over 600 paco-vicuñas in the United States. 
 Paco-vicuña breeders can be found from the east coast to the west coast.  Visit our "Member Farms" page to find a representative near you.  You may also check out our "Events" page to find where we will have vendor and educational booths.  
Paco-vicuñas produce some of the finest fiber in the world.  Many have described it as "touching a cloud".  Paco-vicuna comes in a spectrum of natural shades ranging from white to mahogany. 
Paco-vicuñas are highly intelligent. 
 Each are unique in personality
and appearance.  Learn more about the
aco-vicuña in the "Education" pages
of our website. 

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