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The Paco-Vicuña Registry® is the official registry of the paco-vicuña breed. In order for an animal to be registered, both parents must already be registered in the Registry. Note, if one of the parents has been deregistered, it will disqualify new offspring from registration. There are exceptions. Refer to the PV Registry rules and regulations for details.
All animals to be registered must meet the following criteria:

Submission of a completed PV Registration form, a hair sample for DNA analysis, and payment to cover registration fee.
2.  DNA analysis will be conducted by U. C. Davis Genetic Labs.
3.  All animals registered must have a micro chip implanted and it’s number identified on the application form. 

Guidelines for obtaining hair samples for DNA analysis and microchip implantation are as follows:

Pulling tail samples
Hair samples can be pulled from under the tail.  They come out easily and cause no discomfort to the animal.  Place your samples in a sandwich size ziploc storage bag and write the animal's name on the bag.



Inserting microchip 
First of all, if you are NOT comfortable with inserting the microchip then have a qualified person or vet perform this action. Insert the microchip as follows:
1. The animal has to be secured and their head held completely still.
2. Use your left hand to hold the ear perpendicular to the animals head and use your right index finger to locate an indention towards the bottom of the ear as demonstrated below
3. Insert the needle into the location with the point of the needle facing away from the animal's head.
4. Depress the syringe plunger to insert the microchip.
5. Hold our finger over the implanted microchip and apply a little pressure while you remove the needle.

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